Get Mattress Cleaning in Bristol That Kills Bed Bugs Dead!

Exterminate bed bugs, refresh your bedding, and say hello to a relaxing night’s sleep with our service for mattress cleaning in Bristol. It’s the simple and affordable way to free your mattress of the – on average – six million dust mites that are living there! Though they aren’t usually a problem, if you’ve noticed red marks or itchy patches on waking, odds are that you’re having some sort of reaction to something that you don’t want to be in your bed. This service will refresh everything for you, giving you the best chance of a great night’s sleep, and with no need to wait around for your mattress to dry afterwards either. You get:

  • State-of-the-art technology used: you’ll get a better night’s sleep thanks to the thorough cleansing our UV lamps achieve
  • 24/7 support and customer care: so you can call to make or change your appointment whenever you’ve got five minutes free
  • An appointment slot that’s convenient for you: and we offer weekend and Bank Holiday options for when you’ve got a packed schedule
  • Special deals and offers on multi-service bookings: add full upholstery cleaning or professional carpet cleaning to your order and start saving big!
  • Services that come fully insured: so you can rest and relax while our experts get to work on your brilliant mattress cleaning services
  • Qualified staff who’ve been carefully vetted: every member of our team has benefited from thorough training, and has passed a stringent vetting procedure
  • No hidden charges: we hate hidden costs, so you won’t find any with us!

Mattress Cleaning in Bristol Using High Technology

Having worked in homes, hospitals, and hotels, we know that anywhere that you have a bed is a place where you’ll benefit from these highly efficient mattress cleaning services. You’ll see our team turn up on time, and equipped with all of the tools they need to give your mattress a new lease of life. They’ll start by carefully surveying your mattress so that they know what they’re dealing with, and will then get on with the destruction of the fungal spores, bacteria and dust mites in your bedding. The equipment you’ll notice our team using utilises an ultraviolet lamp to detect where these unwanted substances can be found, and then follows it with powerful vibration and suction to remove the debris. Feel free to ask for a glance at the bits we’ve removed from your mattress – be aware though that it’s not a pretty picture!

Cleaners Who’ve Been Specially Trained

Knowing how to use ultraviolet lamps to detect, and the specialist equipment to destroy, dust mites and other unwanted parasites and dirt in your bedding isn’t something that people just know how to do… That’s why our team gets both initial and ongoing training in the use of our advanced tools and technology. When twinned with the full insurance protection that comes as standard with all of the high quality mattress cleaning services you get with us, it’s our way of guaranteeing you the best possible results.

Getting in touch with us is fast and easy – dial 011 7242 0013 right away and get chatting with one of our friendly advisers, who can also be reached using our useful booking form and chat facility online. Remember to request a free quote based on the number of mattresses you have before you get started – there’s no obligation!

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